PNOE Ministries, pronounced no-e, in the Greek means the very breath of God. God breathed this apostolic outreach ministry into its founder and overseer, Apostle L. C. Alexander, in September 2004.

The heart of PNOE Ministries is the communication and manifestation of the Divine Revelation of God's Economy. This is accomplished by:

  • bringing clarity to the Ephesians 4 ministry gifts and their specific function in the Body;
  • entering into God, the deep things of God and His Economy and giving revelatory insight;
  • equipping leaders so the Church can be the expression of Christ; and
  • being a living manifestation as one of Christ's epistle's.

The heart and message of the ministry is...
       "Preaching to the Nations to Observe the Eternal Truth".



Mark Your Calendar for these 

Overcoming Death
Leadership Conference
 November 17, 2016

Conference Speaker:

Pastor Randy Estes
Abilene, TX

Honoree Banquet 
Friday, November 18, 2016

40 Days of Prayer Jubilation
March 8 - April 16, 2017

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